”A Home away from Home”… We catch them young and provide them with a loving, caring and fearless environment where they will have the freedom to share their thoughts and emotions as part of learning process. The language emersion takes place and they build their confidence level to explore in a dynamic manner.

The motto of BIG DREAMERS ACADEMY is to AIM, ACT AND ACHIEVE. We do all Stakes to translate their dreams into reality.

In our school, we educate LIFESTYLE more than Education which realises their sole aim of life that is helping others and being part of creating a happier world for all.


The School was commemorated according to the ideologies of Dr .APJ.Abdul Kalam,
Henceforth the name BIGDREAMERS ACADEMY. Due to our prodigious efforts we’ve got the BEST EMERGENT SCHOOL AWARD  for  three years  consecutively  from BRAINFEED Magazine.
In order to tune up our teaching methods, The Chairman and the Correspondent attended the
KOULU INNOVATION CAMP FOR EDUCATIONAL PROFESSIONALS-2016 in FINLAND, the country with the World’s Number One Education system, according to PISA Ratings, and also visited the AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, the MYPEDIA SCHOOL LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME in DUBAI Being the recipient of BEST EMERGENT SCHOOL, thrice, and we, putting anardent effort in implementing FINNISH METHOD of Education, mainly the HOME ECONOMICS which has created a Love Triangle between the Teachers,Students and the Parents.
We FOLLOW CBSE syllabus with International Standards (Mainly from
FINLAND) with Digitalised curriculum, and have implemented KARADIPATH to improve the communicative skills of the Students
Our focus is on providing an all-round development of the child. Every child is given a platform that fosters academic, social, emotional and co-curricular learning.
For a parent, the start of his child’s school is a milestone that is often anticipated with great excitement and joy. The selection of a good school is important to smoothen out the transition from a home environment to a new environment.
The staff here are committed to create a loving and caring atmosphere for the kids, away from home.

Our Visionary Faculty 

Our Chairman,

Rtn.Major Donor.Er.D.Premkumar,BE.,MIE.,FIV.,


A Structural Engineer with a successful  accomplishment in his profession fulfilled his dream of contributing to the society in his own little ways as a ROTARIAN since 1990,donated blood 71 times and still enduring . Active member and Past Chairman of, Builders Association of India, Dindigul Centre and member in various social organisations

 In order to reach out to the wider community, he decided to set up a centre for education to mould and transform as many young people as possible.


Our Correspondent,

A Home maker turned Educationist,  The chartered Secretary of the Inner Wheel club of Dindigul could not contain herself and went on to share the dreams of her husband to make her life more meaningful. The caring and loving mother that she is found it easy to fit into the role of Correspondent. Her administrative skills and passion to achieve her inner urge gave her the right fit into Big Dreamers Academy. In accordance with the Chairman’s vision, her pursuit towards the BIGDREAM, is on the right track since she shares the same thoughts and concerns.

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